Welcome to Artistic Metals, LLC

As you browse through the pages of this site, you will be viewing original works designed and fabricated by Craig Haskins, the creative force behind Artistic Metals, LLC.

Blessed at a young age with talent and vision, Craig has been twisting and creating with metal since he was a kid.  Starting out with an old welding torch and scraps found in the family garage, Craig began to create.  Friends and family would come to him with an idea and Craig would bring it to life.

After working in several different fields, Craig knew the only way he could experience true fulfillment through work would come from owning his own company and having the ability to create something unique on a daily basis.  Many of the ideas for his creations were carried on a sketchpad in his mind, and when he decided to follow his dream, Artistic Metals, LLC was born.  

Working locally, his unique designs became popular among the growing number of people building custom-designed homes.  He is known to work closely with his clients by helping them bring their own vision into existence.  Sharing his ideas and knowledge, he formats a plan to build a functional piece of art they will be able to use and see in their daily lives.

Working from sketches and ideas, Craig personally guides his clients through the process of creating one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes.  Specializing in large-scale pieces to compliment the dimensions of custom homes, Craig’s designs will enhance everything from a grand entry or great room to a chef’s kitchen or cozy library fireplace.

Often, his client will see something they like and want "the exact same thing" for themselves, but he gently discourages using the same design for the mere reason of preserving the integrity of his art by assuring each client owns an original piece.

Craig looks forward to meeting with each client personally and beginning the journey of design, fabrication and installation with them.  The journey ends with their owning an original piece of art by Craig Haskins and Artistic Metals, LLC.

Determining a price for your project depends on many factors - budget, conception, intricacy of design, type of material, fabrication time, shipping, and installation.Since all projects generally start from an idea or a dream, the first step is to get that dream down on paper.  After meeting with Craig to determine what your needs and expectations are, he will create a sketch and inform you of your options. Once a decision has been made on the design, the process of creating begins.

Material selection is the first step.  Deciding on whether to use local materials or specially ordered items will be based on budget, availability, and practicality of use in the design.

Second, is fabrication time.  Since most of the pieces are made by hand, fabrication time will be determined by complexity of design and the labor involved for completion.

Once your piece is complete, the last step is installation.  Installation cost is also determined by complexity of installation on site and labor involved to affix the piece(s) properly.

As mentioned on the home page, Craig specializes in large-scale pieces to compliment the dimensions of custom homes.  As with any piece he is creating, Craig will personally visit each site, speak directly to all parties involved and provide a written estimate prior to beginning any work on a commissioned project.

Keep in mind, you will be obtaining a unique piece of handcrafted art.

Whether to be used as a decorative element or for a practical purpose, when purchasing something of this caliber, cost and time are insignificant when compared to the fact that you will own an item that one cannot find anywhere else.

To assure authenticity, all fabricated art is signed directly into the metal by the artist himself.   

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